Clayton Shagal Spa Program

A cruelty-free skincare line with live collagen that penetrates as deep as injection, without actual injection!

Cleansers, Exfoliants, and Masks

To obtain maximum results from Clayton Shagal In-Depth moisturizers, the skin requires the removal of cellular debris and impurities which prevents the skin from breathing properly.

In-Depth Moisturizers

Nourishing the deep layers of the skin, strengthens its core foundation, namely the collagen fibres. Our In-Depth nourishment products effectively hydrate the dermis by increasing water retention and enhancing cellular activity!

Surface Moisturizers

Moisturizing the skin is vital to protecting the skin. Complete your skin care program by keeping the skin hydrated with a protective moisturizer. The right moisturizer depends on your skin type and the seasonal temperature!

Clayton Shagal Facial Treatments

All our custom facial treatments are designed for your complete relaxation and hydration. All Facial Treatments are subject to various changes in order for us to customize for you skin type and needs.

Anti-Aging Facial Treatment

To fight signs of aging and fatigue. Anti-Aging facial treatment restores energy and vitality to the skin. Minimizes fine lines and wrinkles while dramatically increases skin hydration and firmness. Regenerates skin cell activity for maximum hydration, as well as promotes skin rejuvenation.

Luxurious Chocolate Facial treatment

Zero Calories, Zero Guilt! Brightens complexion and minimizes appearance of blemishes and dark circles under the eyes. This treatment energizes, tightens, tones and firms. The powerful properties deliver moistening and antioxidants to the epidermis.

A.H.A Facial Treatment

This deep exfoliating treatment stimulates cellular renewal, which leaves the skin looking radiant and refreshed. Encourages collagen and elastin synthesis. Enhanced penetration of active products for better hydration. This results in a brighter and satin-like complexion.

Purifying Facial Treatment

This treatment is great for oily/ acne skin type that will stabilize the secretions of your oils. Accelerates healing and regeneration of the skin, providing antiseptic and antibacterial action.

Soothing facial Treatment

Designed for sensitive skin to reduce redness and fortifies the skin. Provides soothing and calming affects, and promotes regenerative process of damaged skin cells.

Glow Facial Treatment

This treatment is characterized by the use of active scrubs and exfoliants allowing your skin to optimally receive nourishing ingredients. Promotes skin vibrancy, clarity, stimulates and refreshes the skin while intensely moisturizing and soothing fine lines and wrinkles.

Men’s Facial Treatment

Designed for gentlemen, to strengthen, purify and hydrate the skin. Restores hydration level and gives suppleness to the skin while reducing signs of aging. Nourishes, softens and clarifies the skin.

Express Facial Treatment

A treatment with ease for young and active clientele. This treatment gently eliminates dead skin cells, removes impurities, and leaves the skin feeling soft and refreshed while restoring the skins hydration.

Bright Eyes Treatment

This treatment is designed to reduce puffiness, dark circles and intensely hydrate the eyes. This will enhance all areas of your face by beautifully contouring the eyes