At Creative Concepts we use Cinderella Hair extensions.  The hair is high quality remy hair  that remains sleek for months and can be reused several times over. When used in conjunction with the ph balance kit the extensions retain their shine and condition longer.

Classic Extensions

By using low levels of heat to soften and contour the classic Organic Bond around the hair shaft, our hair extensions will last from 4-6months, with proper maintenance. This is the most popular form of hair extensions and recommended for all hair types. They come in several different textures and range from 8” to 24” length.


Applied without heat or chemicals, I-Hair® extensions are applied by using our 2 in 1 Loop/Hook Tool, which pulls the client’s hair through one of our I-Link cylinders. The extension is then inserted into the I-Link. Compress the I-Link using the I-Link Application/Removal Tool to hold the I-Hair® extension in place. Comes in various textures ranging from 12” to 20” length.


These are the standard tape in extensions. They are great and take very little time to apply, but maintenance is required more frequently as the bond area tends to show sooner because it’s a larger surface area.

Cinderella Hair Strips

Cinderella Hair Strips are made of 100% Human Remy Hair and are designed to create volume, length and color in about 1 hour. Each 3” (7.5cm) Ultra-Thin Cinderella Hair Strip is re-usable and can be worn for 6 – 8 weeks then re-adjusted during your next appointment to be worn again. Comes in wavy 18” or 22” length.

Cinderella Hair Veil

We created the Cinderella Hair Veil to be reusable, saving time and
money. The reapplication is done by removing the existing I-links, readjusting the Veil and attaching new Silicone I-Links. Comes in 20” length.

Attaching the Cinderella Hair Veil couldn’t be any easier. Without the use
of heat, glue, sewing or braiding you would use Silicone I-Links to attach the Cinderella Hair Veil and fold over the top layer of hair to cover the I-Links. Your hair will look, feel and move naturally!

The Cinderella Hair Veil is secured to a very thin 30” wide polyurethane
base giving you the flexibility to customize sizing from the nape up to the crown of the head.

Each Cinderella Hair Veil is made of 100% Human Remy Hair which
naturally looks and feels like your own hair. No worries about matting and/or tangling because the hair cuticle is intact and facing the same direction giving you worry-free hair.

Infinite Hair Extensions

Infinite Hair Extensions 7 piece clip-in hair system has an evenly distributed amount of hair giving you fullness while an even amount of hair texture gives you a better balance resulting in a soft, more natural look.

Infinite Hair Extensions can be colored with a semi, demi, or permanent hair color to darken color.