Clayton Shagal

Clayton Shagal

What your skin contains...our products maintain!

Cleansers/Exfoliants & Masks

To obtain maximum results from Clayton Shagal In-Depth moisturizers, the skin requires the removal of cellular debris and impurities which prevents the skin from breathing properly.

In-Depth Moisturizers

Nourishing the deep layers of the skin, strengthens its core foundation, namely the collagen fibres. Our In-Depth nourishment products effectively hydrate the dermis by increasing water retention and enhancing cellular activity!

Surface Moisturizers

Moisturizing the skin is vital to protecting the skin. Complete your skin care program by keeping the skin hydrated with a protective moisturizer.

The right moisturizer depends on your skin type and the seasonal temperature!

Clayton Shagal - A cruelty-free skincare line with live collagen that penetrates as deep as injection, without actual injection!